• Gabriella Urbano

    Gabriella is a Vegan Bodybuilder + Bikini Competitor from UK.
    I have been living a Plant Based lifestyle for just over a year now and began lifting weights earlier this year. One of the biggest concerns as an athlete and bodybuilder is ensuring I get enough protein intake. Especially on a Vegan diet. Being an all natural girl I was extremely hesitant to turn to a supplement knowing the rubbish that is put into them these days. Trying to find a plant-based all natural protein blend that tasted great proved to be a very difficult task, but I soon stumbled across Third Wave Nutritions Plantforce Protein Blend. It was love at first taste!
    Finally a product created by a company that genuinely CARE about the ingredients and quality of what they are selling to their consumers. A product that wasn’t going to cause me any long term health damage and made from only the finest ALL natural ingredients! Hallelujah!
    I haven’t looked back since discovering this stuff and I have spent most of this year building some incredibly strong, lean and quality muscle using Plantforce Synergy Blend. I have 4-5 shakes a day and they are the highlight of my day! Shout out to the creators – absolutely nailed it and I am so grateful to have finally discovered a product I can trust to consume at the levels I need to as a Vegan Athlete.
  • Josefine J├Ąger

    Josefine is a Swedish chef who is known for her incredible work with plant-based food and rawfood living. She has dedicated her life to create healthy food and is on a mission to inspire new ways of eating delicious organic food. Josefine is also the author of the swedish book Hello Green – A Plant Based Adventure

    We are very grateful to work with such as skilled professional as Josefine. Together with her we develop healthy recipes without compromising taste and quality. We also take part in health lectures where we educate and inspire individuals to live a vibrant healthy life.

    Learn more about Josefine here: